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Airtable plans are charged per seat. If you are on Airtable’s Free plan, all users are free. If you are on a Team or Business plan, you will be charged for all users who have edit permissions for at least one base in the workspace. No charges will apply on a Team or Business plan for read-only collaborators, form submissions, or share links. Charges are prorated: users with edit permissions added partway through the month will only be charged for the days after they were added.
Airtable has two plans geared towards large company usage of Airtable: Business and Enterprise Scale. You can purchase Business either through the plan upgrades page in your workspace settings tab, or by contacting our sales team. To purchase Enterprise Scale, please contact sales. On either plan, you will be charged for all users with edit permissions for at least one base in your organization. As part of the Enterprise Scale plan, an organization has the ability to create unlimited org units, workspaces and bases within their organization. Charges are prorated: collaborators with edit permissions added partway through the billing cycle will only be charged for the months after they were added. For more information on our Business and Enterprise Scale plans, .
Airtable has multiple packages to help teams of all sizes orchestrate their work. Our Free plan is available to teams for no charge and provides the key building blocks to help you build applications. The Free plan is formulated for individual users, very small teams, or those with lightweight needs. Our paid plans offer additional power and scale for teams, departments, and large enterprises.
Our Free plan is available at no cost for users just getting started. For teams who like the features of our Free plan but need more capacity, our Team plan is available for $20/user/month when billed annually. Our Business and Enterprise Scale plans include the additional customization, data scale, flexibility, and administrative features that departments and enterprise organizations need. Business is available at $45/user/month when billed annually our Enterprise Scale plan pricing is custom, based on the organization’s needs and scale with Airtable. To learn more about our Enterprise Scale pricing, .
All payments are made via credit card for Team workspaces, and for Business if purchased through your workspace settings tab. For Business and Enterprise Scale accounts purchased through our sales team, we can issue an annual invoice with payment via PO and/or ACH, wire, or check. Please for more information.
If you reach (or are over) our record or attachment limits, you’ll still be able to use your bases and we will never remove your data. We’ll notify you of the overage and you will not be able to add more records or attachments until you upgrade to a new plan. For automations and API limits, you will be capped at the usage limit on your current plan.
For existing customers on Airtable’s legacy Enterprise plan, no changes will go into effect until your renewal, at which point your account team will discuss your plan options with you. In the meantime, see this help article for a list of your current features and functionality.