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monthly AI credits per seat
Enough to generate approximately:
500 formulas OR
500 suggested matching records OR
10 blog posts OR
50 translations

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per seat/month billed annually


 billed monthly
monthly AI credits per seat
Enough to generate approximately:
Unlimited formulas
Unlimited suggested matching records
70 blog posts OR
350 translations
Enterprise Scale
To get started with Airtable AI on an Enterprise Scale plan, contact our sales team.

Airtable AI includes

AI in text fields
AI in automations
Generate formulas
Summarize comments
Suggested matches
Early access to upcoming AI-powered features

Learn about AI credits

What are AI credits?
To use Airtable AI, you’ll need AI credits. Actions that you take using Airtable AI features use a different number of credits, depending on how complex the actions are.
How many credits do I get?
With a preview, your organization will be able to try Airtable AI for free with 500 monthly AI credits per seat. Purchase standard access for 3,500 monthly AI credits per seat. You can always purchase additional AI credits later. Learn more
Airtable AI is only available as an add-on for Team, Business, or Enterprise Scale plans.
Estimates above are based on blog posts with 1,000 words or translations of 200 words.


You have questions? We have answers.

Who can use AI credits?

AI credits are used when individuals with the permission required to configure and use the AI features do so. Four of these features - AI field, AI in Automations, top matches in the linked record picker, and the ability to generate a formula with AI - can be configured by someone with Creator permissions and used with those with Editor permissions and higher. One of the features - comment summary - can be used by those with Commenter permissions and higher.

How do I know how many credits I need?

A small AI operation, such as categorizing the sentiment of a piece of feedback, using a standard AI model, such as GPT-4 or Claude, equates to ten credits. The size of the operation is determined by the number of characters in the request (the “prompt”), combined with the number of characters in the AI response. If the total number of characters in the request and response is less than 2,000, then the AI operation requires 10 credits. If you wanted to summarize a transcript from a 30-minute call that contained about 20,000 characters, it would require ten times as many credits, or 100 credits.
A small AI operation like that mentioned above, using a “lite” AI model, such as GPT-3.5 or Claude Instant, equates to one credit. Airtable AI’s generate formula, comment summary, and suggested matches in linked features all use one credit every time they’re used for customers accessing free credits. For those with the paid AI add-on, these features are available on an unlimited basis and do not consume your credit balance.
We encourage you to try out our free credits to get a sense of how many credits will be needed to accomplish your workflows.

How can I see how many credits I’ve used?

You can view the AI credits used in a given workspace on the workspace settings page. If you’re on an Enterprise Scale plan, you can also view your overall AI credit usage in the Reports section of the Admin Panel.

What happens after I use all my free credits?

Your workspace or Enterprise can use up to 500 credits per paid user per month. After you use all your free credits, you will be able to view the content that you’ve generated with AI in your base or interface, but will not be able to continue using the AI features until your credits reset after a month’s time. If you want to continue using AI immediately, you can upgrade to a paid AI add-on.

What happens if I use all my paid credits?

Subscribing to the paid AI add-on gives your workspace or Enterprise access to 3,500 monthly credits per paid user. If you use all of these credits, you will be able to view the content that you’ve generated with AI, but will not be able to continue using the AI features until your credits reset at the start of the new month. If you want to continue using AI immediately, you can upgrade to add a monthly credit pack on top of the credits you get with the AI add-on, starting at 10,000 credits.

Do AI credits roll over each month?

For our Team and Business plans purchased online, AI credits are available on a monthly basis and do not roll over. If you’re interested in purchasing a plan with much higher credit limits with credit limits that extend over an annual period, contact our Sales team to learn more about our Enterprise AI offerings.

Do I have to purchase Airtable AI for all my users?

Airtable AI is a paid add-on to your Airtable licenses, purchased for all paid users on your Team or Business plan. Enterprise customers have more flexibility in how to purchase Airtable AI; contact Sales if you’re interested in learning more.

If I purchase Airtable AI, will it automatically be on for all users?

Airtable AI can be enabled at the workspace level. Workspaces on the Team plan that purchase Airtable AI will have the AI features enabled for their workspace and can choose to disable them later by downgrading or turning them off in workspace settings. Companies on the Business plan can choose in their Admin Panel to enable Airtable AI for all or select workspaces.

How do I cancel Airtable AI?

You can cancel the Airtable AI add-on from the billing section of your workspace settings page if you’re on a Team plan, or from the billing tab of your Admin Panel if you’re on a Business plan.